Today, more than ever, Christians need to step up to the plate and learn the reasons why they believe. 

It’s a fact of life now that uninformed, “blind-faith” anti-intellectual Christianity will NOT survive the intellectual onslaught and criticism of our modern secular age. 

Take the time to invest in the important things and defend what you love. Feed your soul with clearheaded ideas from the past masters and learn why we can know that God exists through reason following the evidence. 

It is for that reason, that our instructor, Dr Scott M. Sullivan organized the Aquinas School of Theology and Philosophy. It aims to educate and encourage fellow Christians on their own journey to Christ by making the great intellectual patrimony of the Catholic tradition conveniently accessible through modern media.

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This session will give you an orientation to how the courses are arranged in the Aquinas School of Philosophy and Theology. After you watch this video, you may start wherever you prefer.

The Aquinas School of Theology and Philosophy

The Aquinas School of Theology and Philosophy is curriculum-based on the traditional thought of Saint Thomas Aquinas. There are three main areas of study: Apologetics, Philosophy, and Theology.
School of Apologetics
School of Apologetics

This area of study covers topics on learning how to defend the Christian faith.

School of Philosophy
School of Philosophy

This area of study covers topics on learning the reasons to determine the deepest cause of things.

School of Theology
School of Theology

This area of study covers topics on the Science of God and divine things based on supernatural revelation considered by the light of Christian faith.

Do you want to deepen your faith and join the ranks of the Christian Intellectual? We have compiled 16 of our elite training courses to take your knowledge to the next level!

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Made For Beginners.
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All our courses are made for beginners and are well-suited for Christian adults and teens with no previous experience. It doesn't matter who you are. It doesn't matter if you are a housewife, a ditch digger, or a brain surgeon, this material can help anyone, and we are determined to make sure that you understand it.